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What is a promo demo video for?


A product demo video is a crucial piece of content that lets potential customers see how your product works. It aims to introduce them to the potential outcome of owning and using it for themselves.

No skills required, create valuable video content easily. Use your photos and clips without a hassle.

This type of video is a key moment in the customer journey. After someone has chosen to investigate your product or even considers buying it, being able to see how your product works might be the last bit of information needed to ensure your sale. Wideo is one of the best tools for effective product video marketing.

Demo videos are invaluable for a software presentation video or different online services that require product video examples. But it doesn’t end here! Product videos can take many forms: they can tell a story, aim to empathize with clients, and much more.

Try out one of the many product video templates Wideo has to offer!

How to make a Product Demo Video?


Create your new content in 4 quick steps (once you’re registered in Wideo):

  1. Open the video editor
  2. Import your content, videos and images
  3. Focus on your product, describing all the benefits from acquiring it
  4. Select and blend together all the different available animations and resources 
  5. Edit your video to your satisfaction

Amazing! Now you have your new product demo video, ready to share. Use our freemium service to create yours now!

Remember these tips while making your videos!


Use High-quality content: if you are going to record videos, aim to do it in a well-lit setting. If you are screen recording, try to use a high-resolution setting to get the best results. Being able to create your content with these standards will set your video apart from the competition. Wideo provides high-quality animations, images, and even short video clips that will complement your content even more.

Go straight to the point: keeping your audience engaged is really important. Try to make your videos as straightforward as possible. You can make specific videos if you need too.

Plan it out: make sure you have a clear objective and roadmap to reach it. Plan out what you want to film, choose the steps to cover all the information needed, and then follow through. Even a short plan can make a big difference.
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Why choose Wideo?

Create original content fast and easy! Gain access to the full libraries of pre-made animations and objects. Mix and match easily to customize the perfect product video animation. The Wideo editor provides you with a wide variety of images, video, soundtracks, and backgrounds to use.

You can also upload your own images, videos, logo, and audios. Within the editor, you will find a toolbar that allows you to make any necessary adjustments to your images. Use the Wideo tutorials to learn all about online video editing.

Optimize your content for maximum exposure and grow your audience. You will find everything you need to create a product demo video that your audience will love.



Check out similar product demo video templates from our extensive video gallery


No video or editing skills needed. Wideo makes content creation stress-free and easy.

How it works

Wideo uses templates to help you create professional videos for marketing, internal communications, social media and more. (Think: Squarespace or Minted, but for videos)

Wideo offers hundreds to ensure you find exactly what you need.

Drag-and-drop graphics or choose from thousands of stock footage from our FREE video library.

Export an MP4 or share directly to Facebook and Youtube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a product demo video?

You start a product demo video however it makes sense for the story you are telling in your video. One thing is clear. The viewer has to feel that he is watching a story and be engaged to want to know how it ends

How long should a product demo video be?

A product demo video should be 2 min long max. It is not written in stone but is the standard practice

How do I make a successful product demo?

To make a successful product demo, you need to:

  1. Focus on how your product adds value to your client and not about its features
  2. Tell a story ( about how your product helps the users or how the user fixes a problem using your product)
  3. Don’t make it too long. 2 minutes maximum
  4. Answer potential questions that may arise about your product.
  5. Have a CTA.

What should be included in a demo video?

  • Provide the audience with a solution
  • Show how the product works. Record your product or service in action.
  • Have a clear call-to-action
  • Use the highest quality content available

What is the purpose of a product video demo?

product demo is a step by step instructional video that demonstrates a product (or service) to a prospective or already-existing client. They are a compelling way to show the benefits of your product and consolidate sales. Creating a video is the best way to make it as visually appealing and informative as possible.