Team Wideo takes over a classroom at 9dots

That’s right kiddies, I mean, responsible adults!  Team Wideo has taken our adventures to the limits. We’ve climbed in the jungle (gym), snacked on…crust-less sandwiches and hung out with the one and only 9dots; an after school program located in Los Angeles, California.

Man, do I miss being a kid.

Over the past few months we have received a large amount of interest from educators who want to know more about the Wideo platform. They want to implement Wideo into their classrooms as an entertaining teaching tool to create animated lessons. Where was this when I was in school? We wanted to see Wideo used as an educative tool for ourselves, so we got up, got dressed, and headed for school.

That’s right you guessed it,  two grown entrepreneurs took over a classroom. “They call me, Mr. De Marco…” Well, we started our lesson with an informative explanation of the platform, totally kid approved, and followed by letting the students loose to make their own Wideos!

It really was so much fun to watch children animate their ideas. Their imagination and curiosity really took off!  In fact we even learned something new from class that day, that  Wideo + Teaching Tool = A Really Fun Class!

Well, for any educators out there who are interested in a Wideo demo from us, email us at and we can try to share our platform with your classroom next!

As always, stay tuned on our blog for everything you need to know pertaining to Wideo.

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