Today we wanted to share our passions about the future of online video and why it is so important to us. What inspired this discussion was a TED (Technology Entertainment and Design Conference) video, by Chris Anderson on How Web Video Powers Global Innovation. After we watched it, we wanted to share our thoughts on how Wideo will be an asset to online video sharing in the future.

As you may know, video viewing has increased dramatically over the past decade; we have reached up to 1 billion hours of YouTube views daily! As Internet continues to evolve, video thrives and is expected to take over 90 percent of the web usage. This means that everything we do online will ultimately be in a video format.  But why is video so inspiring?

In theory, online video has embraced a global community of innovators. Communities visually share their ideas, display their techniques, skills and knowledge in a form that words could never reach. This cycle of visual communication is building a new community culture of those who emulate their interests through video sharing and therefore continually innovate ideas for others.

“What Gutenberg did for writing, is what online video can do for face-to-face communication,” said Anderson in the TED talk video. Thats where we come in. Here at Wideoo, the power of rich communication shared by all is our ultimate goal. We want to empower you to express your knowledge and emotions with the world and most of all, inspire new communities of innovation for our future to come.

We are excited to announce our beta release of our platform by the end of October, so hold tight Wideo(ers), the future of video is soon to come.


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