Make a Promo Video for your Company

People love video. We know that animation isn’t easy, but it’s a must if you want to captivate your audience. Wideo is the ideal solution for marketers who want to both elevate their brand’s presence on social networks and boost sales without spending lots of time and money.


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Sometimes your brand needs a facelift. Give your product or service the online visibility it needs with a promotional video.

Video is the most effective way to engage your audience, explain your product or service, and ultimately improve your sales. In the current online world, video is a must, so don’t be shy! With Wideo you can create promotional videos that your clients will love.

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Online presence is becoming more and more competitive. Brands must constantly reinvent themselves to keep their audience’s attention.

Promo videos have been proven to boost audience engagement and increase sales conversion. Get ahead of your competitors by creating dynamic content.

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Customize any of our pre-designed video templates or create your videos from scratch. Get maximum exposure for your brand in social networks. Make something original to engage your audience.

Tips for creating Promotional Videos


Try to make promo videos that are not too long. The platform where you’ll upload the video should determine its length. If you’re creating videos for your Instagram feed, for example, they should be a maximum of 15 seconds.

Aspect Ratio

The social networks where video works better are Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. If you are planning to create Instagram Story videos then vertical videos work better. On Youtube you will need landscape videos and for Facebook or Instagram posts it’s recommended that you use square videos.

Avoid Text

You can use text in your promotional videos, but avoid using it in excess. The videos should convey an emotional message to viewers, and you shouldn’t have to explain all the details of your product or service.

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Peter Harris

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Head of Sales & Co-founder, Liid

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