How to use a video as a teaching tool

Mr. Wideo can go anywhere.  He can help out startups to explain their services or present to potential investors.  He can make funny videos or make holiday cards.  And? He can go to school!

Both teachers and students can benefit from creating entertaining but informational Wideos!  First, let’s give a shout out to all you teachers! Here’s how you can use Wideo:

To introduce a topic: Use Wideo to introduce a topic at the beginning of the class period to grab your students’ attention.  People, especially younger people, more and more prefer video to text.  So wake up those students by starting the lesson with a video.

To liven up lectures and lessons: Create a Wideo to cover a whole lesson or just one main idea that needs additional explaining in a fun and unexpected way.  History can be tough, so make Mr.Wideo your George Washington – your students will appreciate it.

To explain rules or steps: If you have an activity or g`me planned for the day, spice up those verbal or written explanations with a Wideo explaining the rules or steps to follow.

For missed classes: On those unfortunate days when you or a student has to miss a class, Wideo can be used to cover lesson material and be played back either for the entire class or an individual student.  And saved for later when students need to review a lesson.

Now, how can students use Wideo?

For presentations & storytelling: Creating a Wideo can be an exciting way for students to use technology and encourage their creativity.  Instead of just reading a presentation, make a video about it (but Wideo is easy to use so it’s not too much extra effort).

To show understanding: Students can teach a concept to the rest of the class or solve a math problem with a Wideo!

To share with others: At the most basic level, Wideo presentations or stories can be shared with the rest of the class, but students can also easily share projects with friends and family.

Making videos is a common activity for students of this generation so why not bring more video into the classroom? Wideo can help liven up daily lessons and give students the opportunity to take charge of their own learning. Oh and Mr. Wideo is super cool.

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