How to make Instagram Videos like a Pro

As we all know, social media presence is key in order to provide impulse and visibility to a business, brand or career. Due to the fact that nowadays Instagram is one of the most frequented social media networks, and by far one of the most influential ones, you need to master the ability to create the right content in order to attract the audience in the most beneficial way for your business.

As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. And of course, images are great… But those instant shots may not help you to truly engage your audience. On the contrary, videos are the most powerful and consumed tool in the world. So, in order to maximize your results and help customers understand what you have to offer, Instagram Videos are the key.
Why should you care so much about what you share on Instagram? Because it is a social media platform with more than 950 million monthly active users and 37.4% of all internet users will access this social network at least once per month. Crazy, huh? Baring those numbers in mind, the big and fat underlying question here is:

How to create amazing and engaging content for Instagram and not die trying?

Don’t worry, we’ll take you step by step. We can’t assure you’ll become Pixar-worthy material, but pretty close! After these six simple steps you will rock those video-making skills!

STEP 1: Feed or Story, that is the question

Before you start your video-making journey you should decide what it is that you want to share with your target audience. After you sort that out, it is time to choose whether the content you wish to upload is Instagram Feed material or Instagram Story material. It’s quite simple.

Do you want this particular piece of content to live in your feed forever or not? Once you have the answer, you can move forward to the following step.

STEP 2: Video Format matters

Creating the right piece of content involves choosing the appropriate Video Format for the type of post you will share.

Instagram Videos on your Feed can be truly appreciated when created in a square format, and Instagram Story Videos need to be presented in a vertical one, specifically in an aspect ratio of 9:16. This way you can rely on the fact that all your work won’t go unnoticed.

Maybe you think that Instagram Story Videos are not worth the trouble, but Instagram statistics show that the number of Instagram Stories published will surpass the number of images or videos uploaded to the Instagram Feed during the course of 2019. What does that mean? That Instagram Stories matter. People use them and we encourage you to do the same!

STEP 3: Decide the perfect Video Length

The next step is to think about Video Length. Why? Because videos created for the Instagram Feed can last up to 60 seconds and will last through time.

On the other hand, Instagram Stories last only 24hs, and you should make each instant count. You should take into consideration that each image you share as an Instagram Story lasts only a few seconds, but Instagram Story Videos can last even twice as a plain image does

STEP 4: Start editing your video

Creating the right content can be a little bit messy, but we created Wideo to make things simpler for you. Wideo is our online video maker, the perfect tool to make proficient animated videos. It has a neat design and is user friendly, so you can make the most of it even if you are not an expert.

We provide lots of templates created by a group of outstanding professionals for you to have a place to start- specifically for those who are a little bit scared to face a clean slate. You can select a template of your choosing and then continue adding your message, your logo and anything you can think of.

But, for those adventurous souls who feel truly creative, you can also start your Instagram Video from scratch.

Once you have decided how you want to begin your project, we also provide a wide variety of tutorials to help you on every stage of your video-making process.

STEP 5: Make it look and sound good

Our online animation software also provides an incredible array of images, objects, backgrounds and so on to use when creating your Instagram Videos.

Of course you can also upload any images or logos from your computer, or even use Google’s image search engine- we don’t want to limit you!

And remember, if you want to make a great video you shouldn’t forget to add sounds or music, because they appeal to a sense that a flat image simply can’t reach. Take into account that choosing the right background song will directly impact on how your audience feels.

STEP 6: Time to share your video!

Last but not least, it’s time to share all of your awesome work on Instagram. As the objective is to attract a bigger audience and increase commitment and sales, you should always take time to decide when is the best time of the day to upload your content and in that way reach a broader audience.


That’s all, folks! Just follow these super easy steps and you will be making great pieces of content in no time. We really hope we have shed some light onto this topic and we can’t wait to see what you create! Make sure to tag us on Twitter at @MrWideo

Psssst! By the way, if after reading this post you want to actually hire a Pro to work on your video, we’ve got several experts ready to create a custom-made Instagram Video that specially suits your needs. If you are interested, go ahead and ask for a quote!

We at Wideo want to help you boost your metrics, truly engage your audience, exponentially increase your sales and achieve all your goals.

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