“We saved 95% on marketing video production costs and increased our productivity by 80%.”

Sergio Antón Hinojar  CEO at Serant Consulting


Having the perfect content creation tools is essential to video marketing success. What makes a video tool ideal? It should help bring your ideas to life, produce high-quality results, and streamline your production process.

When Barcelona-based digital agency Serant Consulting began producing online video for their clients, they looked for easy-to-use marketing tools that would allow them to create unique video experiences. Wideo helped them simplify and enhance their content production.

The Challenge

Serant Consulting is a digital agency specializing in video marketing, social media marketing, web development, mobile app development, among other online services.

With the software they were using, producing videos was not only a costly process, but also lengthy.

The Solution

Wideo’s video editing platform has helped Serant Consulting convey their ideas and showcase their clients’ brands in fresh ways. They found that video animation was a great fit for short and long content because it held people’s attention and made concepts easy to understand. Wideo’s many design tools also allowed Serant Consulting to customize and create a complete vision for their video communication.

“What most called my attention to Wideo is how quickly and easily you can use it to streamline communication. Wideo is a great marketing video tool that allows me to convey concepts and ideas to customers,” says Sergio Antón Hinojar, CEO at Serant Consulting.

The Results

Serant Consulting noticed the positive impact that Wideo made on their video marketing production right away. With Wideo, they were able to create client videos in less time. Serant Consulting has also increased engagement and audience reach with the types of video communication they are creating.

“By using Wideo to edit our videos, I saved 95% of costs and 80% of time. With some of the videos that we made using Wideo, we’ve been able to reach many more people that are interested in our project. Wideo is a tool that I’ll recommend over and over to companies and freelancers because everyone should use Wideo,” says Sergio.


Time-Saving Tips:

Having solid go-to editing tricks is the secret to producing quality video content. Here are some of ours.

1. Storyboard your idea. This is crucial for piecing together the moments in a video communication in a way that creates maximum impact.

2. Visit our template gallery. We’re always uploading new styles!

3. Repeat animations for smart video editing. Consistent visual elements help strengthen brand identity.

Check out our Wideo Learn page for more time-saving tips and tricks that you can use on your next video.


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