How much does it cost to make a promo video? We found that there are several answers to that question so we put them in this post and infographic.

The truth is, professional-quality video does not have a fixed price when you have to factor in video types, style choices, and, of course, the varied offerings of video production such as production houses, freelancers, and DIY animation platforms. Video costs can range from under $100 to the tens of thousands.

Here, we’ll dive deeper into what it takes to create your own promo video on a budget of $100 or less.

Recently, we made a wideo for a blog post titled “The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Video in Email.” Check it out:


Behind the video

Even if your startup or small business doesn’t have the resources for a big-budget production, it can still make professional-quality promo video with its own video production formula. In other words, it’s not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to meet video marketing goals. This is how we create and share promotional videos for under $100.

Step 1: Scriptwriting

A video’s script is its very foundation, so it’s important to take the time to get it right. You can approach a script like you approach marketing copy — express your ideas in succinct but engaging and catchy ways.

Quick tips:

  • Format your script or storyboard around the problem and solution you’re proposing
  • Grab the viewer’s attention in the first few seconds
  • Be clear and concise to help keep people engaged throughout
  • Show what your business does
  • End with a simple call to action
  • Get input from your team!

Step 2: Storyboarding

Storyboarding is the process of mapping out the sequence of events in a way that organizes the story of your video communication. Need an example? Here is a guide that goes in depth on how to use storyboards to organize your ideas.

The idea of this step is to build on your storyboard to a point where it’s ready to translate into a video. What colors and tone will the video have? If your video uses animation, what kind of style and motions will you use? This is where it all starts coming together.

With Wideo, you can choose to upload images of your storyboard and visual assets to reference later, or, create the storyboard using the Video Editor itself. Think of the storyboard as a rough outline that illustrates every scene of the video. In a storyboard, each scene can have a sketch of the title, characters, and action. Your script will become the voiceover, if you choose to have one.

Quick tips:

  • Keep a list of the visual assets (images, animated gifs, typography etc.) you want to use or inspire you
  • Find royalty-free stock images and video clips using the many free or budget-friendly online options
  • Wideo’s asset library is full of graphics in many different design styles
  • Use Wideo’s Video Editor to storyboard and save time

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Step 3: Adding sound

While designing the look of your video, you should gain an idea of how you want it to look and sound. You can opt for voice over, a soundtrack, or a combination of the two. It all depends on your promo video and how to best get the message across.

Tutorial: How to upload audio to your wideo

Step 4: Video editing

Now, it’s time to tie everything together with motion and bring the promo video to life.

Start by adding your audio, whether it’s a voiceover or song. This is important for creating rhythm and emotion with all the right transitions and visual cues. This is the other part of creating a video where you should take the time to nail the movement and rhythm. Wideo’s editing tool makes it easy to select effects and tweak visual elements. With the right balance, the result is a highly engaging, professional-quality video.

Essential techniques:

See all the basics as well as advanced tips and tricks at the Wideo Learn page.

Is your business ready to discover the power of video? Try Wideo and create your own videos today.

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