3 Types of Video To Use in Your in Email Marketing

The ability of video to pique and hold people’s attention make it ideal for channels such as email marketing. Email is a popular communication for any business, and incorporating video into your campaigns is an opportunity to deepen engagement with your audience.

How can you effectively use video in email to meet your marketing goals? First, make sure that your videos complement the email topic. Video is most valuable when it is relevant and illustrates ideas for viewers. Here are some video ideas to get you started.

Educational video

Series of video tutorials and how-to videos are important resources for people or new customers that may be unfamiliar with your business. Try including videos in your onboarding or nurturing campaigns that you know are relevant FAQ topics for your audiences. This video content helps move people through the customer journey.

Suggested template:


Teaser videos

The launch of a new product or an upcoming promotion are both types of email communications that can be elevated by video content. Try making a short video that teases a new product and builds interest; it will entice your most loyal subscribers to learn more, and make them look forward to your company updates. If your video goal is lead generation, make sure to include a call-to-action.

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Branded videos

Sometimes great video content simply invites people to engage with your brand. A holiday greeting is a great example of video that highlight your culture and personality. Are you welcoming a new team member? Will your company be attending a conference? Make a quick video to give people an inside look. This type of video content connects with people and help makes your company truly memorable.

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Quick Tips:

  1. Use a screenshot (or gif) of your video’s thumbnail. Embedding a video so that it plays directly from the body of an email can be tricky; email clients such as Gmail don’t alway fully support video embed. Your best bet it to use a screenshot of your video’s thumbnail with a play button on top of it so that it mimics a video player. Link the image to the web page where your video is embedded. By directing people to your landing page, you are also encouraging them to take action on your website, which is the goal of using a video in email.
  2. Try using the word “video” in the subject line. It can increase your overall click-through-rate by 7%-13%!
  3. Don’t forgot a clear CTA. You want your marketing videos to inspire action—whether it’s filling out a contact form or sharing the video with a friend. A concise a call-to-action in the email body, end of video, and landing page helps point people in the right direction.

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Do you use video in email? Share your tips with us in the comments!


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