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Create professional Videos and Presentations in minutes.

Make training videos, promo videos, product presentations and much more in a few clicks. No animation skills are required to create professional video content with Wideo. Easily turn photos and clips into incredible animated videos with our online video maker

Find the best marketing video templates for you

Customizing videos with our online video maker is simply effortless

If you are a business owner or you are about to start one, you should think of an attractive presentation for your clients or investors. Use our online video maker to create a professional business video

If you want to differentiate your store from your competitors and grow your online sales, you should seek to present your products and services with an e-commerce video.
Improve the internal communication of your company using videos. With our online animated video maker, you can create internal communication videos without much effort and in a short time. Take the internal communication of your company to another level with Wideo

Add video files with our online animated video maker

Upload your own video file or browse through thousands of free video clips from our built-in library.

What’s more, you can easily edit and animate videos just like any other object, bringing even more magic to your wideo!

Make a video with our online video editor easily with us!

Simple and intuitive online video maker

Our clean interface uses drag-and-drop technology and is streamlined for usability so you have plenty of creative room to create unique animations and learn as you go.

This is what makes Wideo tough to beat for our 1,700,000 (and growing) users all over the world. Our simple and distraction-free online video editor lets you focus on what really matters – story telling.

How does Wideo work?

Select (or upload) images or video from our extensive media libraries, backgrounds, animated effects, and music to create highly original videos. Our intuitive animation maker allows you to see your progress in the moment with a simple click-and-drag of the mouse.

Videos that you create from scratch with our video creator can be saved as templates in your Wideo library and be used later on for branding consistency. The player auto generates a transcript based on the video’s text content. It also allows you to switch from video mode to presentation mode for slide-by-slide presentation.

From your Wideo dashboard you can share your creations on social media or with clients and members of your team. Alternatively, you can download your video or link your account with YouTube for easy uploading. Create video online has never been easier with our all-in-one animation maker.

Why thousands of customers choose our Video Maker Online

Increase your ROI
“Using Wideo, we achieved a 12x ROI after just a few days.

Our clients are so happy about the added value of video.”

Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker
Regional Digital Director
Lee Enterprises
Improve Emails Open Rate
“Video content has helped increase our email marketing click-through rates by 2.57x since we started creating affordable, engaging animated videos.”
Peter Harris
Manager Digital
Key Travel

How much does video editing cost?

The cost of editing a video can be free and it can also go as high as one can imagine! With Wideo you can edit your videos for free or for a very minimal cost.

What is the best video maker for beginners?

The best simple video maker completely depends upon the skill level and the knowledge you have regarding video editing. If you are just a beginner, Wideo is your best option because of its all-in-one animation maker that requires no editing skills at all.

Why use a video maker with templates?

The main benefits of using video templates are many! It’s faster than without them, easy, fun, affordable and you can choose between hundreds of professional ready-to-use templates.

How to add text to video?

Simply open the Wideo editor. Upload your video or choose a video template. Add text to the video with the editor’s drag-and-drop tool. Customize it and animate it in just one click.