Simple video animation software to create animated presentations in minutes
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Online Animation Software made easy

Creating an animated video can look like a hard task when you have never done it before. That’s why we created an easy to use online animation software to add to your marketing kit.

Creating animated videos can be as fast as planning a social media post with our video editor.

Professional animated videos and presentations in minutes

You may think that for starting a marketing video strategy, with professional animated videos, you will have to spend a fortune.

That’s far from real!

With our marketing video software, you can become an expert video creator from the beginning with our extremely easy to use tools.

Edit Online, edit everywhere

We want to help you create more videos, faster, that’s why we invested tons of hours on coming up with an efficient online video editing software.

There’s no complicated software to install or fancy hardware to buy.

All you need is a computer and internet access to create an animated video.

Get direct access to free images and music for your videos

We know the most frightening part about creating an animated video are the assets, that’s why we have partnered with industry leaders so that you can find the perfect images and music for your animated videos at no extra cost.

With our animation software, all you have to worry is about where to publish so many videos.

Start your animated video or presentation faster with our ready to use video templates

We are more than a simple animation software, we are an integrated video creation platform.

Get started faster with one of our more than 80 Video Templates.

App Promo Video

Marketing Video

Why should you start using Wideo Animation Software in your business?

Explore creative solutions

Design a wide range of impressive business videos without the need for previous video editing experience.

Develop your Brand Image

Give your product or service the online visibility it needs with a marketing video. For extra business templates and tips go to Make Corporate Videos 

Drive sales success

Videos are proven to boost audience engagement and increase sales conversion.

How does Wideo work?

If you are thinking about start using an animation software, think twice and swap to an online animation software like Wideo to streamline your video content creation.

Why thousands of Companies make animations with Wideo

Increase your ROI
“With Wideo we generated a 110x ROI and added

value to our clients websites.”

James Nicholas Lyon
Online Marketing Manager
Vets Practice Growth
Improve your Productivity

“Our conversion rate increased 4x in LinkedIn. We also increased client training productivity by 96%. With Wideo we boosted our social media campaigns.”

Maria Sundström
Head of Sales & Co-Founder