Most (if not all) sound designers will tell you that any audio content you add to a video is just as important as the visual component. You may be surprised at how true this really is. Although a voice over is just a narrated track that is added to your animated video, it can help to improve it by leaps and bounds.

The Benefits

  • It gives your video credibility

We’ve been listening to voice over for a long time now: on the radio, in advertisements, in televised sports, documentary films, and movie trailers. We’ve developed a sense of trust in what we hear and come to anticipate it when we see any audiovisual piece.

  • It’s a great filler

Any content that may be left out on the visual side of things can be replaced with a voice over. It fills conceptual gaps and allows you to explain details that may be harder to express visually. When your voice over matches the visuals, it can even reinforce an idea you’ve illustrated and give it more power.

  • They humanize your brand

The tone of voice, the cadences it has, and timing all lend to give your video a personality. Whether you’re trying to give your brand an approachable, friendly element, or a professional and reliable quality, the right voice over can also make your audience feel spoken to and represented.

  • They’re persuasive and the key to take action

A voice that creates trust not only is a benefit, but also essential in order to encourage a viewer to take the next step. By saying your call to action “out loud”, you have even higher chances of leading your potential customers towards the action you’d like them to take. Voice overs are also great tools to guide viewers – whether it be signing up for a plan, or even buying a product.

What type of voice works best in this case? This study suggests that female voices are the most persuasive and soothing for advertising messages.

How to Create One

Any voice over can be done in-house, even most smartphones have good built-in microphones! But if you have an important project in development and need the most professional results possible, the easiest way may be to hire a voice actor. These professionals are trained as speakers, which will allow your audio to reach a level that could be difficult to achieve otherwise.

We recommend Voice123 or VoiceBunny, web services for finding professional voice talent. Their site connects you with voiceover artists that cater to your video needs. To find what voice style you like, you can listen to a wide range of voice samples. Projects can also be completed in no time, normally between 24-48 hours, keeping your production schedule on track. One of the best perks is to have your audio track edited and ready to go, so you can just plug it in to your video.

All you need to provide is a well-written script for the voice actor to follow. This narration, combined with a music track, will give it a professional touch that so many viewers are used to (and expecting).

DIY Tips

If you’ve got the equipment and are willing to make an extra effort, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Use a quality microphone and find a room with little to no echo.
  • Cover the doors and windows with blankets to isolate sound from the exterior!
  • Record several takes, and then pick the best from the bunch – normally, the last take is most convincing.

Whatever type of animated video you’re creating, add voice-over to your video, it will inevitably add value to your project. So don’t neglect this type of audio content – it’s also a big part of what will make your video captivating.

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