Just one method of transmitting knowledge has never been enough, am I right teachers out there? Video doesn’t only just add emphasis; It’s becoming crucial to learning! And we all know that this is a need felt not only by students who are growing up with these rich digital technologies, but also more and more by educators. Even though it’s not a magic potion for good teaching, online video is clearly an essential teaching tool that can powerfully impact student information retention and engagement.

So how can you use online video in your classroom you ask? Well we’ve broken it down to 7 easy steps for you!

1. Motivate your students:

Learners are more motivated to interact with educational content when it’s narrative or storytelling! So don’t be afraid to use some degree of personalization. Turn your teaching content into a story, plan it out and animate it.

2. Make your students the superstars:

Change things up! Rather than forcing paper after quiz after exam after worksheet, challenge them to share what they’ve learned creatively, through animations they’ve thought up and edited themselves. Integrate a Wideo creation assessment into your curriculum!

When students are given the opportunity to create material for class, the feeling of empowerment, ownership, and sense of purpose is heaps higher! But not only does this make students more passionate about a particular subject, it also contributes to the development of more skills for their future, such as innovation, creativity, leadership, social interaction, and project management. Can it get any better?

Access to online video can help to motivate students, engage them, and create a distinctive context for their learning experience – Cisco’s research said so!

3. Reach all learning styles:

Make your classroom well balanced! Video combines visual and auditory stimuli into one single package. Spreading things out across different styles, and creating short animated movies will address the naturally diverse nature of students’ methods for soaking up info through media.

4. Get those absentees:

Another advantage of online video as a learning tool is outreach power! No more excuses! No matter who has to stay at home, teacher or student, pre-recorded lectures, instructions, or assignments always help minimise the gaps in learning that result from absences. But who wants to stay home sick and do homework? Put your material into a fun video! Streaming videos always works as a stellar alternative and students won’t feel like they’re left behind.

5. Engage your students:

Who said streaming an online video can’t be engaging? It enables the students to review segments repeatedly of the particular lesson and feel that they are learning effectively. Give your students control over the pace of learning! It will increase their motivation and engagement since you’re using a technology that the students are familiar with and can easily grasp.

6. Encourage their Social skills – Share:

Allowing students to create their own online video and sharing it with their friends and fam as part of their classroom experience, builds social skills. One of the most effective ways to learn something is to teach it to others! When students are allowed to take a piece of knowledge and create something with it, their understanding of the information becomes deeper than if they were to simply sit there and listen all day!

7. Give them digital and multimedia literacy skills:

Both you and your students benefit from building digital literacy skills, regardless whether you share the videos online. Give yourself and your students the opportunity to keep up with the trends. Multimedia helps foster skills like critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration.

You are giving the students the key to the future! These abilities are desirable in heaps of industries today, and getting them familiar with the system as early as possible will be extremely rewarding. Even us oldies looking to score new jobs, or simply want to have some fun and keep our minds occupied, can benefit through online video!

So you see, there are so many benefits and ways to including online video in your classroom! Keep up with the times! Log in and get Wideoing with your class today.

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