Explainer videos are a standard introduction to video marketing for many businesses. Explainers encapsulate your services or products into visuals and a clear, easy-to-follow narrative— Something that can´t be done with images and texts alone.

What companies should have in mind in this world of endless video opportunities is that motion and visuals have cemented their place in the way we consume information online. Video is no longer just a trend; it’s the norm. And it’s clear why: It’s one of the most effective mediums your business can use to make an impression. Here’s why.


Benefits of Making Explainer Videos


1. Explainer videos show off your brand’s creative side

Every brand’s personality is unique in the way they approach a problem and provide a solution. Think of what characterizes your business’s approach to the industry you’re in. Is it light and fun? Or does your brand personality lean toward the conventional?

Let that inspire the visuals, color scheme, pace, and format your explainer video will take, and make sure it expresses what customers can expect of your services. The end result should capture your personality and in turn, your creativity in its interpretation.

2. Explainer videos present a clear problem and solution

A golden rule of writing is to show, not tell. This can also be applied to marketing. Your customers have a need that your business can solve. By exemplifying a problem in an explainer video, you’re engaging people’s senses so they can imagine themselves in the scenario without having to ask them explicitly to put themselves in the scenario. The latter doesn’t have quite the same effect. And with video, it has twice the visual impact.

3. Explainer videos tell a story

When explaining your business solutions to an audience of investors or potential customers, you’re appealing to emotions that they may have about a particular need. Storytelling allows you to weave these emotions into excellent video communication.

By starting with a conflict or problem and building towards a conclusion, people are much more likely to remember the distinct benefits that your services offer. Without a narrative thread, the points that you want to make risk becoming muddled together.

4. Explainer videos are memorable

It’s no secret that visuals—especially visuals combined with sound—help us learn and store information. Video and other visual content marketing help make your brand memorable. I mentioned earlier that explainer videos encapsulate your company in a single story. Your explainer becomes like your voice in the digital landscape. It is what your audience will recall when they consider what sets you apart from the competition.

5. Explainer videos don’t just sell; they inspire

Selling is not always about pitching a list of benefits. Explainer videos offer a chance for potential customers to explore your product or services. Animation helps bring ideas to life and lets the story unfold in ways that inspire trust in audiences — rather than just selling people a list of benefits. Explainer videos illustrate the what, how, and why. It’s all about striking the right balance.

6. Explainer videos bring exposure to your brand

When it’s time to publish your video, make sure you tag, title, and share it on all relevant marketing channels. With the proper distribution, you’re maximizing the chances of it being seen by target audiences outside of your immediate followers. Videos tend to have a longer lifespan than text content, so make sure yours get as much exposure as possible.


Maximize the potential of your brand´s reach by making an explainer video that tells the story of your brand, your product, or your company. If you don´t know how to start, here is a guide on how to make an explainer video 



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