With Facebook video, there is potential with every post to reach new people, inspire customers to act, and ultimately boost your sales and business growth.

In order to tap into this potential, it’s important to understand the features of Facebook Video and the best practices that help your videos stand out in the noise of the News Feed. Here are four things your business should know when creating video for your Facebook audience.

Premiering exclusive content helps create intrigue.

With video marketing, it’s always good strategy to share your content across social media channels. One way to make the most of your premiere is to make the full-length video exclusive to one platform. While Snapchat is a great place for giving customers a behind-the-scenes look of your video production, and Instagram is great for teasing your content, Facebook can be the ideal center of your video strategy.

Why? With Facebook’s 8 billion video views per day (that is double the views the social network reported in April of 2015) compared to Snapchat’s 6 billion daily views and Instagram Stories’ 100 million daily views, it’s clear that user consumption of Facebook video will continue to grow.

Facebook Live gives people a look into the faces and personalities that shape your company culture.

People watch Facebook Live video sessions in real time. Think of how your business can use this format in a way that’s most relevant to your audience. What’s an aspect of your company that people would want to learn more about? Try hosting a Q&A segment on that topic where you answer questions from the post comments as they are submitted in real time.

You can also give people an inside look with a live stream of a company brainstorming session, or any other activity that sparks conversation with your customers. The advantage of broadcasting a Live session is that there’s no lengthy editing process. With Facebook Live, all you need to do to connect with your audience in their News Feed is press play.

Don’t publish videos without a call-to-action.

When uploading your video to Facebook, make sure to give it a call to action to invite people to a destination such as your website, blog, contact form, or another marketing channel so that viewers can deepen their connection with your brand.

Examples of clear and effective video call-to-actions include “Watch More”, “Learn More,” “Buy Now,” or “Sign Up.” Calls-to-action make it easier for people to get the information they need in order to become more aware about your business, or even make a purchase decision — helping your company meet its conversion goals.

Plug video content from your other platforms

Facebook is a major hub of your online presence. It is always updated with visual and text content, and this tied to the way that customers interact with your Facebook page. When they land on your profile, people expect to see a picture of what’s new with your brand — including what your brand is doing elsewhere on social media.

So it’s natural to share content from your other marketing channels such as your website, blog, or Instagram. This encourages brand loyalty by inviting people to see a different side of your company elsewhere.

Other tips for Facebook video success:

  • Tag other pages in your post. See this post from Bill Gates that’s been tagged for full impact.
  • See your Video Insights to get metrics on what’s working and what needs refining.
  • Share links to your Facebook videos to grow their audience reach.

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