Church video template

Do you think that marketing is just for selling more? Think again! Marketing is for far more than that. In fact, it can be the difference between an attendance slowly getting smaller to a thriving community.

Video is the new star of marketing and we have a church promo video template specifically designed for that. You can easily customize it to fulfill your needs: it does not matter which religion you represent or what´s your objective. Make your videos with our easy to use template and enjoy the benefits without expending too much money. Start creating with our 7-day free trial!

Why do you need a Church promo video?

Why not! One of the reasons for the decline of attendance is bad advertising.

In business, advertising involves trying to persuade people to do or buy something and the same applies to churches. Convince them that what you provide will make them truly happy.

It does not matter if you are from a Christian, Jewish, Adventist or any other religion, they all need to promote themselves. Use our video software as a church video announcement, for a worship video or whatever you have in mind.

It has never been easier with Wideo church video announcement template.

Easy-to-use online editor

If you have zero experience or even you have spent hundreds of hours filming and editing to get the best video possible, stop wasting your time. We know that you don’t have tons of time to create your worship or announcement videos, but they’re necessary for tempting the community.

That’s why we thought up a very simple editor that you can use to create videos for your church quickly, even if you don’t have any knowledge about video editing.

You just have to take some pictures from your church, upload them, change the texts and the colors so that they are consistent with your church, and that’s it! You’ll have a professional video announcements template that’s ready to go.

Free images and music for your church videos

We have a vast collection of images and music for your church videos. Simply click on the one you want and add it.

You can also add pics and music too from your files quite easy. Dress up your video with music, custom text, colors and more. Become a video expert in minutes with our Church video template!

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file

Share your church promo video straight to your YouTube channel or download it as an MP4 file so that you can share it on different social media networks and use it in your ads.

Tips for your Church Promo Video

High-quality photos

The photos you use for your advertisement represent your business as much as your building and staff.

Never underestimate the power of a good picture that represents your church values and message. Do your best and take your time in choosing an interesting picture.

Who is your client?

You might be consumed with the day by day work that needs your church. It can be hard to step back and evaluate methods to make your church grow.

You and your colleagues should ask themselves every day this question and focus on how you can reach them with our church video template.

The goal of the video

Everything your church does or say is going to appeal to one group more than others. The choices you make will exclude people you like it or not.

Your goal is deciding who these people will be and try to customize our video template to attract them. The good thing is that with our template you will not be thinking about the design.

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Custom Video Production Services

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom-made Church promo video?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own.

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