Making training videos for your company is easy. Video is the best way to deliver and consume content. People no longer have the patience to read lengthy documents.

The best way to teach a concept, train an employee or show a process is through a video that’s easy to digest and understand.

Why are training videos the best way to coach your staff?

The main problem affecting teams that are responsible for internal communication and company training has to do with their content. It should be clear, engaging and easy to interpret so that employees don’t lose out on work time.

It has been proven that employee training videos are the most effective way to train people within a company.

This has to do with the high degree of engagement and clarity that audiovisual content has in comparison with text-dominated content. In addition, it’s quicker to watch video content than it is to read the same content.


How to Make a Training Video

1. Choose a Topic

The first thing you should do when creating a training video is to specify the topic as accurately as possible.

Try to limit the scope of the content as much as possible so that the video is not too long. People’s attention drastically decreases with the passing of minutes.

If the topic you want to convey is very complex, it might be good to separate it into more than one video. It will be easier to digest!

2. Make a Storyboard

If you are not very familiar with the creation of videos, you probably won’t take the time to plan the storyboard beforehand.

However, doing so will greatly simplify the creation of your training video.

To make the storyboard divide the page into 2 columns, one to define the text or dialogue of the scenes and the other to outline the visual elements of each scene.

Whether you choose one of Wideo’s pre-made video templates or you decide to create the video from scratch, you should assemble the storyboard beforehand.

You may get new ideas as you work, such as combining scenes from different templates, which you can do with this training video software.

3. Should the video include a voiceover?

If you are creating a tutorial video it should probably have a voiceover. We strongly recommend you use voiceovers in videos because it makes them easier to understand.

You can upload your own audio with a recorded voiceover to the editor. You should always upload the voiceover first and then create the scenes accordingly.

If you create the video first and then upload the voiceover, it will be really hard to match the voiceover to the animations.

4. Create your video

With the storyboard written and the voiceover recorded, you’re ready to sit down at the Wideo training video software to create your video.

First, based on what you defined in the storyboard, you should consider whether a single video template is enough. You may want to select scenes from several templates. If you go with this option, choose the templates you want to extract scenes from and mark those scenes as favorites.

Then select the base template that you’ll use and upload the voiceover.

Finally delete the scenes that you won’t use, start adjusting the remaining ones and add the ones you saved as favorites. As you can see, Wideo allows you to create totally original training videos due to the flexibility offered in our editor.

Easy-to-use online editor

Training video creation is probably not your main task within the company. Also you may not have much experience in animation or enough time to learn how to use complex video tools.

Luckily none of that is a problem with Wideo. The training video software that we’ve created can be used by experienced video editors and novices alike.

Our editor is very easy to use and intuitive. You can create videos from scratch or use our video templates, which can be customized 100%. You can upload your own images, modify the texts, add scenes and remove them. It’s as easy as editing a Powerpoint document.

Free images and music for your training videos

We have a vast collection of images and music for your training videos. Simply click on the one you want and add it.

You can also add pics and music too from your files quite easy. Dress up your video with music, custom text, colors and more. Become a video expert in minutes with our video templates!

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file

If you create your training videos with Wideo, you can easily share your progress with your colleagues by simply sending them the link that gets generated automatically once you save your video in the editor.

You can also download your videos in MP4 format. You can upload them to your E-Learning platform or share them wherever you want. If you have a YouTube channel and want to upload your videos, you can do this directly from our editor.


Custom Video Production Services

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom-made training video?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own.

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