Non-Profit Video Template

Create high impact non-profit videos to communicate your cause to the world.

Edit this exclusive non-profit video template in minutes and achieve your goals quickly and more effectively.

If you are looking for donations, explaining the cause of your nonprofit organization, sharing an experience or greet your donors. This video template is ideal for you.

Easily adapt it to your needs by modifying objects, images, backgrounds, colors, etc.

Nonprofit Videos: a fundamental communication tool for NGOs

It is difficult to stay up to date on all of the problems that currently exist in the world. Luckily there are many nonprofit organizations that are responsible for attacking these problems and making the rest of the world aware of them.

When looking to make a nonprofit video, your objective should be to cause a sufficient impact on viewers so as to generate awareness.

Nonprofit videos have received a lot of attention on social networks lately, and it is the best way to show what an NGO does for the good of society.

We know that creating a professional video is not a simple task, which is why we created this exclusive video template for nonprofit organizations.

Easy-to-use online editor

You are probably busy collaborating with your NGO, and you don’t make non-profit video productions for a living.

That’s why we created an easy-to-use video editor to help people like you to create videos that communicate your cause. Thanks to our huge variety of video templates, which are 100% editable, you can create videos in just minutes. You don’t need any particular knowledge about animation to be able to use our online video platform.

Currently more than 200 NGOs use Wideo to create high-impact nonprofit videos.

Free images and music for your non-profit videos

In the Wideo editor you’ll find hundreds of icons, objects, and music tracks to use. You can also upload images straight from the Google Search that’s embedded in the editor.

Or you can upload your own images, logo, audio tracks, and other elements from your computer.

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file.

Share your nonprofit videos straight to your YouTube channel or download them as MP4 files so that you can share them with all your charity organization.

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Tips for your Nonprofit Video

Goal of the video

Before you start creating your video you must be clear about the purpose of the video. Are you looking for fundraising, donations, sharing an experience?

Once the “for what” is defined, it will be easier to clearly portray what viewers should do after watching the video. And it will be simpler to think up the story.

Where will you show it?

Think about where you will share the video and then define the format. In some cases, a video in landscape is preferable, while in other cases it’s better to use square videos.

With Wideo you can easily create a downloadable version to use your video on several sites and networks.

Quality of images

Information is mostly visual. That’s why if you want to make a strong impact on your audience, you should select catchy images to tell your story.

With Wideo you can upload as many images as you want to use in your video.

Custom Video Production Services

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom made non-profit video for your organization?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own.

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