It’s official: Wideo has launched in Brazil!

Last year, we established footing in Seoul, South Korea with the launch of Wideo Korea. The Wideo community continues to grow each day, reaching 1 million users in 2015. In order to make the platform available to our users in their own language, we went to work at adapting Wideo for one of our largest communities: Our Portuguese-speaking users in Brazil and beyond.

Wideo was founded in 2013 with a mission to create a tool versatile enough to let people of all skill levels everywhere create their own video stories. Our launch in Brazil marks another milestone in this mission to empower users from all corners of the globe.

Our CEO and Co-founder Agu De Marco on Wideo’s reach and versatility:

Brazil is the 4th biggest Wideo country and we want to provide our users there with a continually innovating and simple video creation tool that is available to them in their language.

The Portuguese-speaking Wideo community can find their new home at, where they will find all video templates and the Wideo blog already adapted to the language. Welcome! Seja bem-vindo!

New to Wideo? Sign up for free, or take a look at our subscription plans to see how Wideo can match your video needs!

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