Video Marketing in 2016: 6 Trends You Must Know [Infographic]

2015 in video brought us the Facebook vs. YouTube debate, more interactive video experiences than ever, among many other new technologies. Online video’s growth is undeniable and difficult to miss. Social feeds and search results are increasingly more dynamic as algorithms are favoring video to give users content that satisfies their changing habits.

As for marketers, 71% of companies are planning to increase their video marketing budgets the next year. With the continued rise of video comes an ever-evolving landscape with new platforms that your business will have to navigate in order to keep up with video demands — and reach customers where they are. So what does that landscape look like right now? These are the video trends changing the marketing game in 2016 that you to need know to stay ahead of the curve.

6 Game-Changing Video Marketing Trends in 2016 Download this infographic: 6 Game-Changing Video Marketing Statistics in 2016

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