Website Tutorial Video Template

Showcase your website and explain how to get the most out of it with this Website Tutorial Video Template. In just 45 seconds, you can describe how to get started on your website, giving an overview of your product’s features and benefits.

Put an end to a loss of engagement because your users don’t know what to do. Step up your marketing strategy with this website video template and start converting your visitors into customers.

Who is this Website Tutorial Video Template for?

It’s perfect for anyone looking to increase the conversion rate on their homepage. 

With a tutorial video, you can explain the key benefits of your website or online app and how to use it while making sure that this metric will improve.

This template is mostly used by startups or companies in their early stages.

Easy-to-use online editor

Containing only the optimized essentials, our template editor makes video creation easy. Just copy and upload the screenshots of your website or app to the editor.

Just like that, you’ll have a website tutorial video – leave the creativity and animations to us!

Free images and music for your tutorial videos

Yes, that’s right – there are no hidden fees in our monthly subscriptions. You’ll get hundreds of free images and soundtracks for this website tutorial video, or for any other video you create.

Share your videos with one click or download them as MP4

Whether you want to host your website tutorial video on YouTube or download it to your own server, we’ve got you covered. With our monthly subscription, you can download all of your videos as mp4 files at no extra cost.

You can also upload them directly to YouTube or Facebook.

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