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more inquiries than those without

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With Wideo you can achieve high-quality animation within minutes and without headaches–whether you’re an animator or member of a creative team at an agency. No video editing experience, no problem.

Use our templates to easily place your house or department on sale in a creative way. Include images, specifications, and contact details for interested buyers.

Select (or upload) images from our extensive media libraries, backgrounds, animated effects, and music to create highly original videos. Our intuitive editor allows you to see your progress in the moment with a simple click-and-drag of the mouse.

Online Videos that you create from scratch can be saved as templates in your wideo library and be used later on for branding consistency. The wideo player auto generates a transcript based on the video’s text content. It also allows you to switch from video mode to presentation mode for slide-by-slide presentation.

From your Wideo dashboard you can share your creations on social media or with clients and members of your team. Alternatively, you can download your video or link your Wideo account with Youtube for easy uploading.

What can marketing videos achieve for your Business?

Drive sales success

Video builds trust and engagement at every step of the buying cycle, helping boost conversion rates for your current campaigns.


“Our conversion rate increased 4x in LinkedIn.” 


Maria Sundström
Head of Sales & Co-founder

Attract potential customers

Creating video that highlights your products or explains your business for your website and marketing channels will inform and entertain your audience in a way that text can’t.

“Video content has helped increase our email marketing click-through rates by 2.57x since we started using Wideo to create affordable, engaging video content.” 

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