Restaurant Promo video template

Are you in the restaurant, cafe, or any type of food business? Are you looking to promote your business using the most effective way possible?

The perfect way to attract customer attention and promote your services is with a restaurant promo video. You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to master video editing because with Wideo you can create a promotional videos for your restaurant without any experience or spending significant amounts. Stand out from your competitors by creating restaurant promo videos in just minutes using our exclusive templates.

Why do you need a Restaurant Promotional video?

Because every successful food business has one! Thanks to video marketing, restaurants, cafes, or any other food business are increasingly using the power of the visual medium to attract and retain customers. The question you should ask yourself is: Why not? It has never been easier, get started with Wideo restaurant video template.

Easy-to-use online editor

We know that you don’t have tons of time to create your restaurant video, but they’re necessary for tempting your customers.

That’s why we thought up a very simple online video editor that you can use to create videos for your restaurant quickly, even if you don’t have any knowledge about video editing. You just have to take some trendy pictures from food, drinks and your restaurant, upload them, change the texts and the colors so that they are consistent with your brand, and that’s it! You’ll have a professional restaurant video ready to go.

Free images and music for your restaurant video

We understand that generally speaking, you are not a photographer or a musician. That’s why in the Wideo editor you’ll find hundreds of icons, objects, and music tracks to use. You can also upload images from straight from the Google Search that’s embedded in the editor. Or you can upload your own images from customers, the restaurant, special nights, dish discounts, gorgeous desserts, etc.

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file.

Share your restaurant promo video straight to a YouTube channel or download it as an MP4 file so that you can share it on different social networks and use it in your ads.

Tips for your Promotional Restaurant Video

High-quality photos

Be creative! Viewers are captivated by the food pictures they see. This is the most important element in the video. So you should use photos that are impressive and attractive and in high resolution. You can choose photos from an image bank on the web or directly from a Google Search.

Who is your client?

What type of person is most likely to enjoy what you have to offer? One of the biggest mistakes of restaurants is trying to appeal to everyone. Always keep the potential customer in mind and use photos and text based on who you’re targeting. Think like the customer.

Goal of the video

Is it brand awareness? Interact with potential clients? Share testimonials and experiences people have in your restaurant?

As you are creating a promotional video, you should think about a clear and effective call-to-action. What do you want the viewers to do once they see the video?

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Custom Video Production Services

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom-made promotional restaurant video for your business?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own.

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