Promotional Travel & Tourism video template

Do you own a travel agency? Do you offer tourism services? Are you looking to promote a new tour?

The best way to entice your audience and promote your services is through a promotional tourism video.

Separate yourself from the competition by creating promo tourism videos in just minutes using our exclusive templates.

Why do you need a Promotional Travel video?

Whether you are a travel agency or a tour agency, both are struggling due to the fierce competition in pricing and travel deals that are in the travel market. We offer you something different, stop competing on pricing and separate yourself from the rest of travel companies upgrading your communication.

If you plan to create new promotions on social networks or launch an email marketing campaign with a special offer, do it with a promotional tourism video and get the exposure you deserve.

Easy-to-use online editor

We know you don’t have tons of time to create your promotional tourism videos, but that they’re necessary for enticing your audience.

That’s why we thought up a straightforward editor that you can use to create videos for your agency quickly, even if you don’t have any knowledge about video editing. All you have to do is upload photos of the tours or destinations that you offer, change the texts and the colors so that they are consistent with your brand, and that’s it! You’ll have a professional promo travel video that’s ready to go.

Free images and music for your tourism videos

Every good tourism video production has excellent content on it. In the Wideo editor, you’ll find hundreds of icons, objects, and music tracks to use. You can also upload images straight from Google or any content about tours and trips you have in your computer.

Images speak louder than words. Start closing more travel deals with video marketing.

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file.

Share your promotional travel & tourism video straight to your YouTube channel or download it as an MP4 file so that you can share it on different social networks and use it in your ads.

Tips for your Promotional Tourism Video

High-quality photos

Viewers will be captivated by the pictures they see. Powerful photos about the travel destinations or tours you are selling are the most crucial element in the video. Try to use professional images that are attractive and in high resolution.

You can choose photos from an image bank on the web or directly from a Google Search.

Who is your client?

You wouldn’t offer the same trip both to a family and to a group of friends.

Always keep the potential customer in mind and use photos and text based on who you’re targeting. Think like the traveler.

The goal of the video

As you are creating a promotional travel video, you should think about a clear and effective call-to-action.

What do you want the viewers to do once they see the video? Should they contact you, pay, or be directed to the checkout?

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Custom Video Production Services

Do you want to hire a professional to create a custom made promotional tourism video for your agency?

Talk to our Wideo Pros and get a quote on an editable video of your own.

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