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I was seeing a need for a resource for our teachers that they could access on their own, very clear, very simple and to the point which you can replay over and over. After years of searching for an easy way to provide teachers with clear, engaging professional development videos, I saw a tweet about Wideo. This program was exactly what I was looking for. Wideo allows an almost instant ‘think it, make it’ video development process that makes it easy to create a training video that is entertaining and looks great! Wideo is perfect, I have gotten a huge reception all around the world. I put them up on YouTube and they quickly received over 7000 views already and growing. It’s the best program ever! I create wideos for the teachers, parents and students as a schooling resource. We usually show the videos in meetings or presentations and everybody can also easily access them on their own. We also have folders where the different wideos are easily stored. They can easily access them and watch them over and over. Most views was ‘creating a statement of inquiry’ & creating a conceptual understanding on YouTube. We have a class and program at school in which students can also use wideo as a tool to illustrate their ideas. Its also a great help that you can now copy individual slides or templates from your wideo into new projects. I have a long list of many other wideos I want to create, so this will be really helpful.

Over 7,000 views! With Wideo – we created professional development videos!
Diane Smith is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) curriculum coordinator. Professional development for teachers is a high priority in all school systems and Diane has found that Wideo provides the perfect format for developing teacher support resources. Short animated videos are easily-accessed and allow teachers to fit professional learning into their busy schedules. The simple-to-use Wideo platform can also inspire teachers to create their own learning support videos for students and to offer this creative communication tool to their students as a way to demonstrate their learning.

Private school

Students in PK-12 grades.