Tabú talks about Wideo

Elise Racine

My experience with Wideo

Our first impression of Wideo was that it was a great tool to create high-quality videos. We love how the platform evens the playing field and makes it possible for startups like ours to produce professional content that typically would be quite expensive.

While we’ve made most of our wideos from scratch, there are certain templates of slides that we have used – especially the ones with the phone that let you demo an app. Those are great! We love how easy it is to animate objects and texts! It makes for some really dynamic and fun screens.

We loved how easy the Wideo platform made turning our vision into reality.
We (the two co-founders) make our wideos and we largely use Wideo to create marketing content for our website, social media channels (Facebook, Instagram), and pitches. Our favorite use so far was creating this shared video, which truly explored our journey and mission with Tabú. We largely publish our wideos on our website and social media channels, as well as YouTube. They really help communicate in a fun and concise way our mission.
Elise Racine


You can think of Tabú as sex ed for gen y. Our app is focused on empowering millennials by providing quality information related to sexuality, sexual health, and gender in an approachable and engaging way.