How Alabaz Web increased profits by 25%

Nohemí Hornero Zabala

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Their experience with Wideo

Because Alabazweb used to produce their videos with After Effects and other editing tools, they were facing two problems: they spent a lot of time creating each video and the production costs were very high.

They use Wideo to create short animations and appealing videos for their clients.

With Wideo, AlabazWeb reduced costs by 60% because their videos can now be produced by just a single person in a few hours. Also because the videos’ views have increased 13% and the conversions by 15%, AlabazWeb has seen a 25% boost in profits.

Our videos’ views have increased 13%,

conversions +15%

and we have a 25% boost in profits.

Wideo has allowed us to increase profits by 25%. We have also reduced our costs by 60%. With Wideo, we produce appealing video content more quickly  for our clients.

Nohemí Hornero Zabala


About AlabazWeb

AlabazWeb is a company that develops online stores for different clients with PrestaShop.