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My experience with Wideo

I did lots of research prior coming to Wideo exploring other options. Wideo is quite intuitive, flexilbe and easy compared to the other solutions. I definitely like the animation options.We loved using Wideo to create our marketing video. I especially enjoyed the ease of use and overall user experience. As a young, lean startup – it was amazing that we were able to create an professional animated video of this caliber with no prior video animation experience. The editor itself is also very aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and easy to use. I would highly recommend Wideo to startups and small and medium-sized businesses.

The first wideo I created is a short marketing video, synopsis of how the Rent&Refer website works and what is it for and how people can take advantage of my company. The video is featured on our home page. For that first wideo I started from scratch because I wanted to have the maximum flexibility to brand my company, which I think Wideo exactly provides. It is a great animation experience.Honestly, the fact that it is intuitive and the overall user experience is what gives value to Wideo. It is clean and simple. I managed to achieve what I wanted to do just in time.

I published the wideo on Social network and website. The video was included in our launch press release which garnered 231 online pickups from major media outlets including The Miami Herald and The Boston Globe! Quite a good reach on the first days after launching the wideos (10,000 views just in the first week). Our team consists of 3 people, so we do not have the budget for an expensive media campaign – one more reason why WIDEO FITS GREAT!

Over 10,000 views across all channels within the first week of launch (no paid media)!

Clickthrough rate (CTR) f over 68% across all channels!

Brand strategist, who values design and user experience!




Social network established in 2015, based in Atlanta, Georgia that connects current residents at rental properties to incoming residents (the move-ins). With RentandRefer.com, just sign up, make or accept an offer, and agree on a sharing amount. You can earn a big payout with just a few clicks. Then users can keep earning money by making offers to new residents. People connect to each other by sharing the referrals. The company is passionate about connecting existing tenants and future renters to enhance the overall renting and leasing experience.