Shingora Technologies Enhances Customer Understanding

Gurpreet Singh


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My Experience with Wideo

I have been really happy with Wideo so far. We wanted to create an animated and visual way to explain different parts of our software in an engaging way. I am planning to use wideos to also explain the new applications and modules that we are developing in the future. Gurpreet Singh created the wideos who is a developer at the company right now. When I was looking to make a video, there were several different sites/solutions available but none of them was so perfectly built. Especially being a developer I was impressed in terms of the usability and also the design of your tool. One of the best part is that there are many templates available to quickly and easily make a wideo. This really helped me get started to make the first wideos for Shingora. We use all the wideos that we have created for the main site. Each wideo briefly explains a different functionality and activity of our software solution. It only takes me around one day to make a wideo, that’s it. By the end of next month they will have more analytical information. We have received a lot of positive feedback for the wideos we have made, and people are getting a good grasp of the solution that we are trying to explain. Wideo really helped me explain what our product is in a more engaging and visual way that just text.

Low costs and high definition videos not only attracted clients but also proved to be efficient in increasing our sales.

Wideo has excellent and amazing tools that helped in making creative and effective promotional marketing videos. It provided us with a platform to create interactive videos that would garner attention from the targeted audience. The tools used in the process were unique and efficient. The whole video making process was easy and out rightly effective.



Shingora Technologies offers IT services along with an online cloud based ERP. Adept in creating effective solutions for database handling, HR, Production Planning, Material Management and Inventory Management, our experienced and expert team of software developers are the very best in delivering utility and solutions with a single bespoke software. Using our web applications, the boundaries of your business online are broadened, enabling you to make the most of new opportunities and emerge as a fore-bearer of trends. The technology that we equip you with seamlessly incorporates the existing while gearing it for a more dynamic and productive future.