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My experience with Wideo

I am amazed by Wideo! We wanted to reposition the brand to do something unique, playfull. We were looking for a low-budget solution compared to the expensive $1,000-$35,000 options to create solely one video for the company. We stumbled accross Wideo through Google and the price is unbeatable for what you get. There is also a really quick learning curve because the editor is easy to use. In the industry, a lot of things still need to be educated and we think wideo is ideal to visually do this in a engaging way. Now we are in the process of making a new company video using wideo and I am looking forward to it. I was amazed when I saw what’s possible with Wideo. I come from an agency background with a lot of people who used after effects or made videos directly through flash. It’s incredible to realise how simple it is to make a wideo in comparison to the effort needed for some other tools. Making these wideos was our companies first creative attempt to visually communicate our content. It really helped us educate our audience and also increase our sales and returns. It’s also great to use as a branding initiative. We also developed a character in our wideo to make the brand appear more human and to help explain the general message of the video. Using the wideo editor was insanely easy. It was really helpful to view some of the tricks through the the explainer wideos to get extra inspiration and to add fine touches to your wideo. I’ve used flash, I’ve used after effects and in comparison to any other tool out there, using Wideo was absolutely painless! PPC video was more of a sales tool, and used to generally communicate the product and service that we offer. Wideo is a really valuable asset to have for any smaller or medium size that want to communicate content in a more creative and modern way.

We saw a increase in PPC-related conversations leading to customer upgrades as well as inbound leads and new customer acquisition.

It’s an amazing product and i’m happy we can make all of these videos ourself. I’ve worked with agencies to make videos in the past, and you lose too much control. Especially when it comes to customizing and adding the extra personal touch. Goal of the video was to try and explain a complicated product offering (Google PPC marketing) in a simple and compelling way to an audience with limited knowledge of PPC. We integrated it into our dashboard product and wanted to use it as another entry into for new customer acquisition.

We’ll be creating a video to tell the ‘big picture’ story in the coming months.



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