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Pricilla Cotton


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My experience with Wideo

I have used microsoft movie maker, and imovie. But wideo was one of the easier platforms I have ever seen. I liked the first impression, fast & easy to use. Two people where involved when it came to making the video for the annual report. One was mostly responsible for the content & another one for the animation, Afterwards Princilla took over the whole process around half way because the partner took too long to make it and there was a deadline coming up. Overall it took 5-6 months to make the video, 20-30 hours per week -> it would take 3 weeks. It was great to also learn and get the tipps from your tutorial videos! They are really helpful. Annual Report was more internal, was initially more in a document form. Send them physically to the people. We really like the analystics and statistics that are integrated in wideo. Let’s them quantify the reach. I want to use wideo more often. Its hard to get people to notice things. It’s great to present things in this kind of way. We put the annual report on our website and we send it our through our newsletter. I want to create more wideos to get the message accross in a shorter amount of time and reach the younger demographic audience.

It is hard to get the attention of the audience and getting them to notice things!

A simple PDF or word document is not going to do it anymore!

Presenting content through a video is the best way to reach and engage your viewers!

We write the plans for the city, especially when it comes to the distribution of resources for potential emergencies. We are trying to distribute our content in all types of ways to all the people of the city. 80 different languages in the city of LA at the moment. The annual report was one of the latest projects which is used for internal communication. The usual documentation was in a document form which was around 30 pages long of which we made more than 500 copies, distributing them to all the different departments in the city. People do not want to read through so much information anymore. Our new mayor is also very tech forward so he tried to promote digital media over the physical media. So we looked for a tool that allows us to communicate our content in a visual and digital way. Wideo was one of the top solutions. Especially because it is really easy to use after having used microsoft movie maker and iMovie before. It’s also digitally accessible which makes it really convenient for all our staff members.


Emergency Management Coordinator at City of Los Angeles

The LA City Emergency Department

Works with other City departments, governmental and private agencies to develop and implement emergency and disaster management programs for the City of Los Angeles.