David Miles


My experience with Wideo

Overall Wideo is very helpful and intuitive to use. I made the Wideo in 2013 to introduce Familius, the company’s values and what we stand for. Wideo was ideal for that because it allows you to effectively bring your message accross. Small publishing company that mainly create books which teach best practices, underline happiness and bring family together. We mainly channel this wideo by embedding it into mails, websites or by simply using it in presentations or meetings. There are numerous areas to present the company and their values with Wideo in a quick and effective way. I made the wideo from scratch in 1-2 days, and I am a graphic designer, so I used Photoshop to create some of the wideo’s objects.

The wideo is used in various areas and quickly explain who we are.

Creative thinker hoping to make the world a better place with good books that help families be happy.


Director of Digital Development and Deployment


Familius is a publishing company dedicated to making books that help families be happy. Our beautiful books have garnered many outstanding reviews, and include children’s books, cookbooks, activity books, and non-fiction and self-help books of all kinds. Our family of authors includes award-winning writers, artists, therapists, and experts in everything from raw cooking to sustainable living. We adore our authors, we adore books, and we just love what we do.