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My experience with Wideo

At the time, wideo was completely different than what it is like today, especially for people like me – without any experience. Now, I am really happy to see templates available and simple animations like text movement. Wideo is a great platform, especially for not having any experience of animation, to jump right into making videos and being able to produce something with great quality. It is amazing! I was music captain, for the music department, looked for something new and different to present our content. All the people, like the head-master really liked it, and said i should continue animation – they thought it was really captivating. To get inspired, I did some research beforehand for content and ideas, the apple ad came out and their animations also really helped inspire me. Wideo is a great addition to Education Technology! Both teachers and students can benefit from creating videos for their classroom, to get the message across in a fun and enticing way.

We also like to show our video on sales presentations for companies to help them get an understanding of the company.

Tristan from Brisbane, Australia is a student and a devotee of everything design related. It was nearly 3-4 years ago when I made the wideo which was when Wideo was pretty much launched. I was looking for a new way to market music and wanted to create a multi-layered film which depicted the notion of creating music. So i jumped on board with animation because I think it can help present content with a new light. I wanted to present something new and different than the usual speeches or flyers. By combining words, music and basic moving shapes, I created a simple, yet energetic clip which strongly communicated a message. I have also made some other animations for companies which had a private software. The other great wideo I made is called “music as a journey”.



Fun / Diversion & Student Project Wideo

Architecture Student at Queensland University of Technology