Tell Your Story and Win $100!

Tell us a story with a video made with Wideo and participate to win $100 (Amazon Gift Card)
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You can choose any of the following topics:

1. Personal Story
2. Fictional Story
3. Brand Story
4. Product Story
5. Any topic you can think of (We don’t limit your creativity) It has to be at least 1 min long.


1. You must be at least 18 Years Old.
2. The video has to be made with Wideo.
3. You need to use the code: STRY90 at check out to subscribe to a Wideo Pro Plan so you can edit your video.
4. Send a link to your video to with the subject line Story Telling Contest.
5. Post in any Social Media of your choice a link to your video, tag Wideo, and include the #wideostorycontest.

Start and End Dates

1. Submissions will be accepted starting June 30th
2. Submissions will be accepted until July 30th
3. Winner will be announced on August 1st

How to win

The point of this context is to show how effective video is to tell a story, so we WON’T be judging your editing skills. We WILL be evaluating your storytelling skills.

The criteria will be the following: 1. Storyline (is the way you’re telling it makes sense); 2. Engagement (Are you keeping the audience interested throughout your story); 3. Relatability (Can you make the audience feel related or empathize with the main character of your story)

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