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Should your Marketing Agency start selling videos?

The short answer is YES. Video Marketing has become a service that’s widely consumed by a huge variety of companies and industries.

Both social networks and the Internet in general are turning more and more to video content. For this reason, many companies are looking more frequently to hire video marketing services.

If your digital agency still does not offer a video production service because of a lack of knowledge about video editing, we have the solution so that you don’t miss out.

With Wideo, you can create professional marketing videos without spending time on video editing courses or be having to hire external professionals to fulfill the needs of your customers. 

Grow your digital marketing agency by offering videos to your clients.

Turn your Digital Agency into a Video Marketing Agency

Close new deals

By adding a video production service to your agency, you can close new deals and retain current customers by expanding the services offered.

Engage & inspire viewers

By producing videos internally in your agency, not only will you improve the conversion and engagement rates of your clients, but you will also be able to take advantage of them to improve the positioning and conversion of your marketing campaigns.

Drive sales success

Video builds trust and engagement at every step of the buying cycle, helping boost conversion rates for your current campaigns and those of your clients.

Many users are already offering video marketing services with Wideo

Explainer Video

Advertising Video

Marketing Video

Take your Video Marketing Agency to the top

You know video marketing is powerful.

But chances are, your agency isn’t offering it.

In fact just 10 percent of agencies are offering online video to reach customers.  Why not take advantage of this powerful tool?

How does Wideo work?

Start from scratch or pick a video template design
Upload your own images, logo and colors to personalize your video project. Choose from a library of charts, graphs and image styles.

Get creative!
Our click and drag tools make animating a cinch.

Stuck on an idea? Check out our video tutorials and blog for inspiration
and to keep your creativity flowing.

Share your presentation
Embed your video on your website, share it on social media, download it to an mp4 file or link to it in an email message.
It’s that easy!

Why thousands of Digital Agencies choose us

“With Wideo we generated a 110x ROI and added

value to our clients websites.”

James Nicholas Lyon
Online Marketing Manager
Vets Practice Growth

“Our conversion rate increased 4x in LinkedIn. We also increased client training productivity by 96%. With Wideo we boosted our social media campaigns.”

Maria Sundström
Head of Sales & Co-Founder