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Customize a Video Template

+80 professionally designed video templates for you to place your images, logo, and colors

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Make professional videos in minutes

Wideo empowers people with no editing experience to create professional online video easily.

Achieve high-quality animation within minutes and without headaches–whether you’re a creative agency or just have a story to tell through visual content.

With Wideo’s DIY animated video platform, you’ll find all the tools you need to elevate your online marketing strategy.

No video editing experience, no problem.

Share your video with one click or download it as an MP4

Once you have created a video you can share it directly to your YouTube channel and social networks, or download it as an mp4 file.

That way you can keep the video and use it offline, showing it to your business partners or clients.

Free images and music for your app demo videos

We know you work in the online applications industry, meaning you’re not a designer. So, we’ve provided the perfect images and music for your real estate video in our extensive media library at no extra cost.

Select images, backgrounds, animated effects, and music to create original videos faster.

Create Explainer Videos

Explainer videos allow your start-up to go beyond the traditional ‘About us’ page. However, we know too well the challenge of capturing a business in a clear but creative way.

Your explainer video should do your brand story justice, educate your audience, and ensure people that your company is their solution–not cost your business before you’ve even approached the negotiation table. That’s where Wideo comes in.


Create Video Tutorials

Video tutorials help turn registered users into loyal users, and leads into conversions.

At Wideo, tutorials have helped us expand our reach and better connect to our committed users. Give your clients a reason to keep coming back for more and see the difference it can make.

Create Promo Videos

Creating polished, captivating sales videos is a cost-effective way to expand your audience reach and woo potential clients.

An online video that flaunts your service enables you to speak to customers that your sales team may not be able to meet in person.

Don’t let a shortage of man-power stunt your growth; use video to tell the world what your company offers.

Use Videos in Email Marketing

Nailing your email marketing strategy is becoming more difficult than ever in a saturated online market, so make sure your offering grabs your audience’s attention from the subject line. Incorporate video into your strategy to transform your output and get clients excited each time your messages land in their inbox

Why thousands of customers choose us

“Using Wideo, we achieved a 12x ROI after just a few days.

Our clients are so happy about the added value of video.”

Bridget Sibthorp-Moecker
Regional Digital Director
Lee Enterprises
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“Video content has helped increase our email marketing click-through rates by 2.57x since we started creating affordable, engaging animated videos.”
Peter Harris
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