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Why Interactive videos are important?

Adding buttons to your videos can lead your audience to a new site, a new video, or any landing page that you want.

According to Forbes Insight, about 65% of those who view a video click through to visit the vendor website. An interactive video does even more: it prompts potential leads through the buyer journey directly from a video, driving better results and making it a powerful feature in any video marketing strategy.

Marketers are using interactive videos to:

Direct potential clients to homepages
Register or Sign Up to an event
Promote the purchase of products

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Generic Business Presentation

Explainer Video

¿Who Use Wideo to create Interactive Videos?

Startups and SMB
Marketers and HR managers of small and medium companies use the platform to create promo videos, product presentation videos, video tutorials, internal communication videos and much more.
Marketing Agencies
Many digital agencies that offer web design and online marketing services have also started including  marketing video production services using Wideo.
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)
Hundreds of NGOs use Wideo to create explainer videos and event presentation videos, promote on social networks, and share their projects

How to create Interactive Videos?

Create your video

With Wideo, we give you a quick and easy way to create your video content with our video editor. As you create it, think about where you’ll add the interactivity buttons.

Download the mp4 file

Download your video from our platform in mp4 format. This way you’ll have a file that you can upload wherever you want.

Add Interactivity

Upload your mp4 video to one of the online platforms that specializes in interactive videos. Some of our recommendations are Hapyak, Raptmedia, and Wootag. You can find many others by doing a simple Google search.

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