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Easy to use Video Editor for Chromebook 

Make amazing videos with our video editing app
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chromebook wideo editor

An official video editing software
for Chromebook

Wideo partnered with Google to make Wideo optimized and available on Chromebooks everywhere.
As the use of video for both personal and professional has increased, Wideo strives to be the video editing app that helps you make amazing videos.
Don’t you have experience editing? No problem, Wideo is built to be easy; try it out!

How to edit a video on Chromebook

wideo templates chromebook

Download the Wideo app on Google Play
After downloading it, use the Launcher to search for the Wideo app and click on the Wideo app icon.

Choose Your Template
You can make a video from scratch, but you don’t have to! Choose the template that best fits your project and customize it to make it your own!
Add images, animations, logos, text, audio, and more.

Share your video
As easy as that, you have your video! Now you can share it by downloading it as an mp4 or sharing it as a link.

Start editing videos on your Chromebook today

It’s free to start! The editing app is free, just download it from the Google Play Store to your Chromebook.
Open it and experience for yourself the easiest way there is to make and edit videos from your Chromebook today!

chromebook wideo editor

Can you use iMovie on a Chromebook?

No, you cannot use iMovie on a Chromebook. iMovie is a video editing software developed by Apple and is only available for macOS.

Does Chromebook have a video editor?

Yes, Chromebooks have video editing capabilities. Chrome OS, the operating system used on Chromebooks, offers several video editing applications and tools that you can use to edit videos. We recommend you use the Wideo video editor.

How to edit video on a Chromebook?

To edit a video on a Chromebook, you need to download a video editing app or software like Wideo. You can also access the online version of it at

Why thousands of clients around the world choose Wideo

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"Wideo is significantly better and more powerful than other video tools! Keyframes are a revelation. I love the templates.

Matthew Wong
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Wideo is a leader in Video Editing on G2

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