How one of the biggest Digital Marketing Agencies in the US streamlined the video creation process for their clients with Wideo

One of our most important clients is a market leader for digital dealer solutions.
They were looking to strengthen the video creation process to improve the Ads for their clients and opted for Wideo Video Automation technology to create thousands of customized videos daily.

Cost reduction

Video creation capacity

Ads Management Revenue

With more than 55,000 dealerships, the agency provides powerful online tools such as Online Advertising, Dealer Management Software, Inventory Management, Digital Storefronts, etc.

They offer solutions across ten industry verticals, including Powersports, marine, recreational vehicles, pre-owned auto, agriculture, and more.

Digital Marketing and IT Services

Company Size
1,001-5,000 employees

United States

Scaling the agency business into a Market leader for digital solutions.

Despite its current size, our client began in 1981 with its first brand as a catalog-focused business and then expanded into websites and digital marketing.

After a series of acquisitions, it has grown into a conglomerate of 10 brands with over 55,000 dealerships helping them grow their businesses.

With that number of clients, the need to optimize content creation processes led the company to look for automation solutions.
The creation of videos was a major problem since they needed an army of designers to be able to fulfill the number of videos that their dealers required for advertisements. The cost of such a design team was unfeasible. With Wideo, they managed to reduce the cost of creating videos and increase the capacity. Thanks to this dynamism achieved in the creative process, they were able to attract a greater number of clients to help them with the management of advertisements.

The agency currently creates +500 videos per day with Wideo and uploads them to YouTube for use in ads and aims to grow to +5,000 videos per day with automation technology. Each video is personalized for each dealership with its brand (logo, colors, telephone, address, etc.) and updated daily with new products. Products are automatically selected from a database based on pre-established rules. In this way, the agency is guaranteed not to repeat products and create unique videos every day!

“With Wideo, we could streamline the video creation process at a very low cost, which allowed us to grow our video advertising services.”

VP, Product & Design