8 Best Sites to Download Free Music for Videos

Finding the right music can elevate your videos to a whole new level. However, copyright issues can be a headache.  This guide will help you explore the best resources for music for content creators and find free music for videos.


Understanding Licensing Terms

It’s important to note that when using free music, you need to be aware of the licensing terms. Some free music is only for personal use, while other music can be used for commercial purposes. Be sure to read the licensing terms carefully before using any free music.

Where do you get Free Music for Videos?

Of course, YouTube has its free audio library so you can use it for your YouTube Videos, You just need to have a YouTube account to access the library and look for the best option for your creation. 

You can easily filter your research by gender, duration, and moods like happy, funky, romantic, and more. All music from the Audio Library can be used for non-commercial and monetized YouTube videos.

Some audios will require attribution, while others do not, that’s something you can also filter in your research.

Downsides: While convenient, the library might feel limited for specific needs. Tracks might be frequently used due to easy access, potentially leading to less originality in your project.

Incompetech offers a vast library of royalty-free music, with more than 2.000 tracks available, created by the composer Kevin MacLeod. 

What sets Incompetech apart is its flexible licensing options, allowing creators to use the music for both personal and commercial projects with proper attribution. The platform’s user-friendly interface and advanced search options make it easy to find the perfect soundtrack for any video.

You can also download the whole library for an accessible amount. We recommend you to check out the list of the most recent music, to discover what this popular platform is all about.

Downsides: Incompetech’s sheer popularity might make certain tracks overused.  For unique projects, consider exploring lesser-known libraries.

A haven for independent artists, Free Music Archive offers a vast collection of music, making it one of the largest available selections of free music for videos and a great platform that supports independent artists and allows them to share their music while retaining control over their work. This is a valuable resource of creators looking for original music options.

While most of the songs are under Creative Commons licenses, some of them are not, so be sure to check the terms before using a track in your project. But the good news is that you can filter search results by license. 

Downsides:  The sheer variety can be overwhelming.  Sifting through music might take time compared to curated libraries.  Licensing terms require checking each song individually.

Bonus: Create videos from scratch with a large bank of images and music on Wideo.co without the need for prior experience.

Note: Not all music on SoundCloud is free, but a large selection is available.

One of the most popular musician networks, SoundCloud is a vibrant community of musicians, DJs, and artists sharing their original tracks with the world. It offers a surprising amount of free music alongside its paid options. Filter your search to find tracks with Creative Commons licenses that allow for free use and find the perfect music for your video. 

This is the perfect source of music to use for marketing videos, with more than 125 million options, much superior to the competition, right? 

Downsides:  The platform is not specifically designed for royalty-free music discovery, so finding the right track might take more effort.  Licensing terms require checking each song individually.

Bensound, created by musician Benjamin Tissot, has a focus on quality and variety. This platform offers tracks across genres like acoustic, cinematic, corporate, and more, catering to a wide range of video projects. It offers a collection of both free and premium soundtracks and their free licensing option allows you to use their tracks on online videos if you credit them (always check the license for details).

Downsides: The library, while well-organized, is not as vast as some other options.

Better known as free stock images, Pixabay also surprises us with its royalty-free music downloads, positioning it as an “all-in-one” platform. From Pixabay you can download free images, videos, and music for your project. Making it an excellent proposal for content creators.

Downsides:  The music library is not as extensive as some other dedicated music platforms.

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Musopen is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free access to music resources, including sheet music, recordings, and educational materials.

This is a very different option from all the others you will find here, given that all the musical content they offer is classical music and orchestral pieces. On this platform, you can find free music and you can give your videos a sophisticated touch or you can even use it for other purposes.

Musopen is a haven for classical music enthusiasts and empowers creators to incorporate beautiful classical music into their projects without worrying about copyright restrictions.

Downsides:  Limited to classical music only (but it is not necessarily a downside)


Jamendo is a platform that connects independent artists with audiences worldwide, offering a vast catalog of royalty-free music for content creators. Jamendo’s simple licensing model and user-friendly interface make it a valuable resource for creators seeking fresh and original music for their videos.

Downsides:  Licensing terms require checking each song individually.  

With so many resources available, there’s no excuse for bad video music!  Explore these options and find the perfect soundtrack to elevate your content creation.

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