16 Best video editing apps in 2024

Video editing apps come in all shapes and colors, some are free some are paid, but what has been growing a lot in the past years with the rise of social media has been video editing apps for and in mobile. 
Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok Stories are everywhere learn what apps mayor influencers and content creators are using to create their content. 
Social apps have been incorporating many elements to be able to edit and adjust videos, such as filters, effects, music, added stickers, emojis, and sound bites. But for the creators that go beyond, mobile apps are the way to go if they want to maintain everything in the palm of their hand without losing time shifting to a desktop or a laptop to edit their videos.
For many a cellphone is not only just a camera and a way to consume content but as a content creator, many have it as the main go-to piece of tech to edit and create videos. Here is our curated list of the top 16 mobile editing apps we have found over the years for video editing using just your cellphone be it for iOs or Android:

Best video editing apps for android 

1. Adobe Premier Rush

Many talk about this being the number 1 most interesting to use in Android or iOs. All the typical features and the backing of adobe the biggest company in the creative production software space one of the most used video editor (Premier Pro) in a smaller edition. You can Sign in to your Adobe account and use it directly, cut, edit and speed up videos, combine them, pick from soundtracks, pick graphics, titles and colors, export and download in several formats ready to upload.

The most interesting part is that you can cross-sync your projects and continue editing on another phone if you have the same app on it or if you have a Creative Cloud (Adobe’s App Store) Account

Cost: Free / $5 – $35 per month

2. KineMaster

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