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Create a personalized watermark for any video in seconds!
Use Wideo’s online video editor as a watermark maker and add your logo/text easily to your content.
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Why watermark a video?

Why put a watermark in a video? Watermarks have a long history, and they’ve been used in both the digital and print realms. Today watermarks are useful for:

  • Author recognition – Your videos are your work and that doesn’t change just because someone else wants to use them. Watermarks are a stress-free way to ensure that your work will carry your distinguished name or logo.
  • Claim Ownership – Not only will your content be recognizable, but you will also be able to solve any disputes easily. By marking your content as your own, there is little to no dispute to be had if someone tries to claim them as their own.



Try the Automatic “Add Watermark to video” Creator

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Add a Watermark to a Video easier than ever!

Here are some details about watermarking an online video:

With Wideo, you can add a watermark to a video in less than 5 minutes, regardless of your video editing skill set. Add your own logo, a personalized image or even something as simple as your name in a few easy steps. It’s easy to use Wideo to create watermarks.

With this feature, you can customize every detail of the text or image that will become your watermark! You can carry out all of these customizations without ever having to download bothersome software. Make all of the necessary changes to the color, position, size, and font of your text or image. Try as many options as you want for the best results!


How to add a watermark to a video

Follow these simple steps for watermarking your online video:

  1. Upload your video
    Upload a video from your computer to the online video editing platform.
  2. Select the Add text or Add image Function
    Add a text block or image to your video as you see fit. You can change the position by clicking and dragging the text/image. You can also adjust the color and font of your text as well as the size and proportions of your image. The key to watermarking is the opacity, which you can change this within each image’s options.
  3. Edit and add the final touches
    You can select the duration, video resolution, format, and many other specifications while finalizing your video!

Done, time to share!
Once you are done editing your video you can click Export and your video, complete with a new watermark, will be ready for you to share with everyone!

Check out the templates from our extensive video gallery
and add a watermark to your favorite one


What type of watermarks can you add to your video?

  • Names
  • Logos
  • Images
  • Animated logos

Importance of Watermarking

Claim ownership and recognition by watermarking your content. Avoid having people use your content without your consent.

How to add a watermark to video online (custom made)

  1. Open the video editing platform
  2. Choose a video template
  3. Insert your media (videos/images)
  4. Insert the text/image you want to use as a watermark and change the opacity
  5. Edit and perfect the final touches

Ready! You can share and export your video using Wideo.