Why using a YouTube Intro Video Template

Win your viewer’s attention in YouTube video right away with this intro video template. Whether you are vlogging about yourself or creating a video about your company, you need an intro to show your credentials and explain who you are. The best part of doing it with Wideo? You can edit it and reuse it as many times as you want.

Who is this YouTube Intro

Video Template for?

If you’re trying to tell a story or sell something, you need an introduction. Luckily, this intro video template is incredibly versatile. If you’re a YouTuber, or if you upload videos to YouTube regularly, this template was made especially for you. It’s a good idea to have some consistency in your YouTube videos, and there’s nothing better than making sure that consistency happens in the first few seconds.

Easy-to-use online editor

Our online editor lets you work on any computer, which means you can upload videos to YouTube no matter where you are. Change the intro to match your new video and that’s it! Are you creating an animated video? No worries! You can edit everything with our online video editor.

Free access to images and music for your videos

A good intro needs a music, too! Take advantage of our music library and find the perfect match for your YouTube intro video. Looking for more? Use our free images to make your intro stand out from the rest.

Share your video with one click or download it as an MP4

The best part of creating your YouTube intro or an entire animated video with us? You can upload it directly to YouTube with just one click. You can also download your intro video as an mp4 and merge it with the rest of your video using other video software.

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Upgrade your YouTube videos with this YouTube video intro template in just a few minutes.