App Demo Video Template

Create an App Demo Video to show how your app works and how it solves your clients’ needs with this awesome App Demo Video template.

Explaining your app with a video will help you improve the user flow and conversions.

You can make a demo video in minutes with this professional app demo video template.

Who is this App Demo Video Template for?

This video template has been designed to be used by the owner or marketing team responsible for a business app.

It allows you to give a step-by-step explanation of how your app works, an outline of the different features you offer, and an overview of the benefits your clients will get from the app.

Easy-to-use online editor

You don’t need to be an expert to use our online video editor. All you have to do is upload the screenshots of your app to the ready-to-use template, change the colours to match your brand, and that’s it! Your professional app demo video is ready to go!

Free images and music for your app demo videos

We know you work in the online applications industry, meaning you’re not a designer. So, we’ve provided the perfect images and music for your app video in our extensive media library at no extra cost.

Select images, backgrounds, animated effects, and music to create original videos faster.

Share your video in a single click or download it as an MP4 file

Once you’ve created a video, you can share it directly to your Youtube channel, social media networks or download it as an mp4 file so that you can save the video and use it offline to show it to your business partners or clients.

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Improve user onboarding and conversions with a professional app demo video