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Crea videos profesionales y presentaciones en minutos


Create, edit, and share videos. You can choose images, backgrounds and music that you want to use to create your own online video and then share it with the world. You also have the option to upload your own.


Los fundadores de Wideo explican en un entretenido podcast cómo los startups deben lidiar con el caos.


The app comes with a selection of templates that can be customized to deliver your message or you can create one from scratch. You can pull your own logos and graphics into the video you’re creating to make it seem as though you paid a professional to put it together. A lite version with limited features allows you to create videos of up to 45 seconds for free.


Users can choose from a selection of video templates to customize or start from scratch to create and share animated videos. Wideo provides tutorial videos and easy step-by-step instructions to create the ideal video for your project.

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The videos are fully animated and are made with their own available images, movement, objects, shapes, audio or text; or you can upload your own images, backgrounds and music. Wideo has been utilized for business, education and just for fun! Either way, animated videos are always fun and if utilized appropriately can be very beneficial for your purpose.



Wideo is a free platform for creating basic animations. You can choose a template, as well as pictures from your personal library, and customize them into short informational videos.

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With Wideo you could have your students creating explanatory videos in the Common Craft style. The art of Common Craft videos is the way in which confusing topics are boiled down to a concise explanation.

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They are great if you want to create professional videos for your business of course, though if you’re looking for something more casual Wideo provide a solid solution.

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One such solution to the problem may come in the form of Wideo, a simple way of creating animated videos.



Wideo.co sigue creciendo y, sin dejar de ser gratuito, incorporando nuevos servicios orientados a mejorar la experiencia del usuario, incorporados en este caso gracias al feedback del usuario mismo.

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Wideo es un interesante servicio que ofrece la posibilidad de armar presentaciones de forma fácil y espontánea. El servicio tiene una premisa simple y la cumple a la perfección.

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Wideo es una plataforma online de animación que permite crear, editar y compartir videos de forma gratuita. Y sí, es fácil, intuitiva y sencilla de usar, al menos para quienes nos interesa este mundo.



Cada vez es más sencillo crear vídeos de animación. Wideo es una herramienta web con la que cualquiera puede crear sus propios vídeos animados a partir de los objetos de la galería del sitio o subiendo sus propias imágenes.


Con Wideo.co podemos crear videos de forma muy sencilla con solo arrastrar y soltar elementos, obviamente tenemos que aportar un poco de nuestra propia creatividad, pero con poco de tiempo pueden lograr resultados asombrosos.

Why thousands of Companies make animations with Wideo


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“Our conversion rate increased 4x in LinkedIn. We also increased client training productivity by 96%. With Wideo we boosted our social media campaigns.”

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