A lot of you write to us about the text editor and what it can do. Among the most frequently requested features is the ability to create multiple text styles within a single text box.

Previously, text formatting changes—such as font name, size, and color—affected an entire text box. That meant that if you wanted to combine a bold line of text with an italic line of text, you would have to create different text boxes for each style. That old way of editing text was not as efficient as it could be so we got to work on an improved text editor.

Now, with Wideo’s new text editor you can apply text changes to a single character, a selection of characters, or an entire area of characters.

What’s New

  1. Double click a text box to apply formatting options to individual characters.
  2. Single click a text box to apply formatting options to all of the characters in the box.
  3. Text automatically word wraps to the size of the text area when double clicking a text box.

You can read more about editing text in Wideo here.

Editing and Formatting Text

Now you can do any of the following:

1. Choose Text in the left panel menu.


2. Click twice on the text box to select the character or characters you want to edit. The text area outline will turn blue.


3. Drag the handle of the blue highlighted text box to change size of text area. The contents will automatically word wrap.


4. Click outside the selection to deselect the text box.


5. Click and drag the handles of the orange highlighted text box to resize both the text box and all the contents in it.



Have questions about the Wideo editor? Check out our Wideo Learn page or go to the Support Center to submit your questions and requests for feature you’d like to see!



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