As you can tell, this week has been a little wild. Did you notice that Mr. Wideo wanted to change his name?  And, let me tell you, he already plastered his name everywhere! We also have some news for you, as you all have diligently followed and supported us, that we’d like to share. We were accepted into the 500 startup Accelerator!!

500 Startups is an accelerator program for new businesses. They offer training, insights, mentors and guidance on how to make Wideo the very best-for you! We will have  the capability to make our awesome platform REAL; which all just all started out with an idea!

The coolest part is that we are one of the first Argentine companies to ever be accepted into the United States, based program.  We are also accepted with Oh, did I mention that I am typing right here in Mountain view, California?  I’m sure it sounds like a vacation, but actually, I have not slept since the day I arrived! Well, I can’t say that this is not a special moment for us, and who better to share it with, than our wideo(ers)

We just want to send out a special thank you to the 500 Startup team and you, our wideo(ers) for believing in us! We are seizing each day to make Wideo the best animation platform ever known to mankind!!

Want the share the love, tweet #500STRONG and tell the world about Wideo!

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