We’re thrilled to announce that Wideo has expanded to the Far East!

Since launching Wideo back in 2013, we’ve been focused on building a tool that is adaptable and versatile enough to reach users from all corners of the globe.

As Wideo continued to grow worldwide, so did the global startup scene, with several important hubs popping up in cities spread over all continents. So why did we decide to choose to expand in South Korea?

The Road to South Korea

It all began when our CEO, Agu de Marco, attended the Startup Nations Summit in Seoul in 2014. Not only did we find that we had many Wideo users in South Korea, but Seoul was also a burgeoning technological hotspot. Following that, Agu spent an additional month in Seoul to get to know the city, culture, and tech community.

Agu with Flitto’s CEO, Simon Lee — Source: Techinasia.com
After running a feasibility test with the Nanyang Fellows Programme in Singapore, South Korea not only ranked first under a number of factors, but we learned that Korea influences the rest of the Eastern Asian region with numerous brands and pop culture exports.


Since our decision to launch in South Korea, we’ve reprogrammed our entire platform into Korean, redesigned graphics to give it the right fit, and brought on board a dedicated team in Seoul to join a healthy startup ecosystem that is about to take off.

Most of all, we’re really, really excited. Cheers to new beginnings!

For a detailed account on why we expanded to South Korea, read the story from our CEO here.

To visit our new site in Korean, go to Wideo Korea

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