We’ve been busy thinking of ways to make your video making experience much better

Here at Wideo, we like to brag about how cool and intuitive our platform is to use, and that’s why we are devoted to improving it every day, adding new features to make your wideo experience even better. The truth is, our developers and creatives have been producing the goods of late, releasing these new tool to improve your wideo-making.

Let’s see what’s new.


Templates fresh out of the oven

First and foremost, we’re dropping new templates that are designed to help you create your wideo. They’re also intended to help you set out your goals, whether you’re explaining a new product idea, promoting your business, or saying Happy Birthday to mom.

Click Here to Reuse


Click Here to Reuse


Improve your work

We’ve made it easier to download any wideo you make and also upgrade if you want to make the most of your animation-making experience.


Downloading and Uploading made easy

If you click on the little arrow next to your username, you’ll find some new options including a revamped profile settings page where you can manage your personal information, as well as a tab with history and invoice information. It shows your recent activity, giving you the possibility to check the status of your downloads, or even how your upload to a YouTube channel is going, all from the comfort of your wideo account. You can also review your wideo history to access links and also download invoices for safe-keeping.

Profile Settings


Coming Soon…

Last but certainly not least, take a sneak peek at our new browser’s look that is currently in the works. We’ve designed and developed a new way to explore and access the objects that you’d like to use in your wideos. Much more organized, intuitive and user-friendly, you’ll also be able to see the images you’ve uploaded sorted by wideo.

We’ve also refreshed our whole object library, creating over 450 new designs that have been arranged into aesthetic styles. Now, you can make more visually-inspiring wideos that are cohesive in its design, fitted with more options when you want to pitch your projects, ideas, or products.

In the sound department, you’ll be able to upload or use more than one sound at a time, so you can have the benefit of using music and voice over together. You can also manage the volume levels as you please. We’ve also boosted the soundtrack library so that your wideos come out even better. There’s a lot more to share, but we’d like give you some surprises too. You’ll see later!

browser features

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