Hey Wideoers! As you know, we recently were in Spain and were able to visit the amazing region of Catalonia. This area is known as an autonomous community of Spain and comprises the four provinces of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. Although Catalonia is officially part of Spain, the Catalans see themselves as an independent nation and hold much pride in their heritage. While here we were able to make some great entrepreneur friends, enjoy great food, participate in Catalonia radio, learn a little history and Oh, yes…Work!

While there, we were able to see and experience the differences between the previously visited areas of Spain and the region of Catalonia. The people of Catalonia hold their nationalist honor in their flag of red a gold. Although it is made up of the same colors as Spain, it is distinctly different and significant to that region only. Another fun difference that we got to experience actually had to do with pizza. The Catalans scrapped that old rolling pizza cutter a long time ago and now use scissors to cut their pizza… it is definitely more effective that way

After seeing these two different areas, we wanted to make sure and represent the different cultures and history of the people we met and the foreign Wideo community out there!

We really appreciate the experiences that we shared here, especially with the wonderful people we met along the way! Salud!



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